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Your eyes looked sad
In the tainted mirror
Tears rolling down your cheeks
Looking away you sighed
Wondering and thinking to yourself
"I hope it's just a dream"
You shut your eyes tight
And held your breath
When is it going to stop?
The voices outside
They whisper to you
The most horrifying things
Of past and future
You throw the mirror
It crashes and shatters
You take to the streets
Running as fast as you can
Just got to get away from here...
:iconxxhyliaxx:XxHyliaxX 1 0
Goodbye (For Now)
I miss you
I love you
I want you
I need you
Are my words not enough?
I miss you
I love you
I want you
I need you
But do you feel the same?
You're leaving soon
Vacation awaits
I'll miss you
I love you
With all my heart
I hope to see you again.
:iconxxhyliaxx:XxHyliaxX 1 0
Save Me
Music for the soul
Affection for the heart
Cold to the touch
But gentle inside
I am one with those of my kind
The ones who cry inside
Reaching out for protection
Yet remaining in chains
I am one with those of my kind
Who struggle every day
Yet there is hope for us
And it lies within
The hearts of those
Who are willing to help
:iconxxhyliaxx:XxHyliaxX 3 0
Tear it Down
If my mind was a room
I think I'd need to clean it up
Memories sit left forgotten
In the dark corners of my mind
And yet there burns a memory
So bright I cannot touch
It burns with fire
The fire of hatred
And that I will not touch
For if I do
It cannot be done
This hatred born of hate
I feel it twist and turn inside
A creature full of evil
It's not my fault!
I've no control!
Its raging wrath within
It hurts! It hurts!
Please make it stop!
Yet there is only one way...
Tear it down!
Tear the walls!
I'll be a freaking mess
But I don't care
What they'll think
As long as I am free!
Rid the world of this girl
The one who caused my pain
She must pay!
Atone for her sins!
The idiot must die!
Yes I know
It sounds quite harsh
Yet I am not the only one
Her father her mother
Her brother too
We all suffer from her soul
Rid the world of this girl!
Restore peace to our lives at once!
Her poor mother rests above
And looks down at her in shame
So break the chains
And tear it down!
These ugly memories
:iconxxhyliaxx:XxHyliaxX 2 0
Purple ribbons
Drenched in red
Turn black in the moonlight
All I hear
Is the sound of dread
If only dread could make a sound
The body lies across the altar
As I chant my special song
Candles surround a magical ring
A ceremony that won't take long
As the life is finally severed
A soul chilled scream rises above
A sound so chilling
You won't remember a thing
:iconxxhyliaxx:XxHyliaxX 2 0
What would you do
In a world frozen in ice?
Covered in snow
And desolate as a desert?
What if I told you
All is not lost?
Would you follow
As I guide you to peace?
Fear is the enemy
Yet we shall prevail
And save these souls
Who have been frozen
In a treacherous world
So this I tell myself
All the time
And yet
There are those
Who cannot be saved...
:iconxxhyliaxx:XxHyliaxX 2 0
Dreaming of You
High in the air
As high as high goes
You were up in a plane
I was waiting for your return
Yet as I waited and waited
You still never came
I was left alone
In a wedding dress of shame
You never made it
Out of there alive
And as I awoke
I cried and cried
Your warm soothing touch
Made everything better
I am glad I can say
I love you
In only eight letters
:iconxxhyliaxx:XxHyliaxX 1 0
The Shadows Inside
All the twists and the turns
Within a land known only to me
My embarrassing past burns
But it will never leave me
Childhood is great!
That's what they said
Until it was too late
And I had already bled
I lost all emotions
All but for one
Now I'm alone
And it can't be undone
:iconxxhyliaxx:XxHyliaxX 1 0
Firework by XxHyliaxX Firework :iconxxhyliaxx:XxHyliaxX 0 0 The Flower Carrier (Photo Recreation) by XxHyliaxX The Flower Carrier (Photo Recreation) :iconxxhyliaxx:XxHyliaxX 0 0 Young woman with Lily (Photo Recreation) by XxHyliaxX Young woman with Lily (Photo Recreation) :iconxxhyliaxx:XxHyliaxX 3 1 The Scream - Edvard Munch (Photo Recreation) by XxHyliaxX The Scream - Edvard Munch (Photo Recreation) :iconxxhyliaxx:XxHyliaxX 0 0 Triforce by XxHyliaxX Triforce :iconxxhyliaxx:XxHyliaxX 3 0
Legend of Zelda: Sometimes... (Super Short)
Loz: Sometimes...
Part 1
Ah, hello there class. My name is Link. Welcome to your first day at Hyrule High school. Now let's begin attendance....
Link had been teaching at Hyrule High for several years, but he never encountered a student as chaotic as Dark. The kid was strangely quiet on good days, but on other days he acted as if he was possessed by something evil. Dark always caused havoc wherever he went. He would pull pranks and make obnoxious sounds. He was more or less of a douchebag. The asshole of the class. Link had figured out Dark's routines by the end of the semester. He would always check his chair before he sat and he'd open doors really slowly. Link had developed fast reflexes in case Dark ever decided to pop up and scare the holy hell out of him. One time Dark tried to throw a pencil at Link, but instead of hitting Link in the head, Link turned around and caught the pencil with two fingers. The other students laughed, but it didn't last long. Dark had gotten up and roare
:iconxxhyliaxx:XxHyliaxX 1 0
Photo 1 Class - ES11 Submission by XxHyliaxX Photo 1 Class - ES11 Submission :iconxxhyliaxx:XxHyliaxX 1 0
Inspired By... (Series) No. 3
Let it burn
All the way
Into the depths
Of Hell itself
Let the cry
Of forgotten souls
Drag you down
Into deeper despair
Do you not hear it?
The cries of the damned?
Do you not see it?
The broken souls of the lost?
Tell me now
Can you hear
The pounding of your heart?
I shall laugh
With the demonic hatred of mine
Until you soul is devoured
By the demons straight from Hell...
:iconxxhyliaxx:XxHyliaxX 0 0


Do you want a pocky? + speedpaint by VaatiMage Do you want a pocky? + speedpaint :iconvaatimage:VaatiMage 51 8 Wait on Me by Rikuta-Yue Wait on Me :iconrikuta-yue:Rikuta-Yue 32 11 I'm Shipping Trash by Rikuta-Yue I'm Shipping Trash :iconrikuta-yue:Rikuta-Yue 52 11 Link X Dark Link (WARNING YAOI) teaser by sakimichan
Mature content
Link X Dark Link (WARNING YAOI) teaser :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 4,972 351
In Soviet Hyrule:You scream at ReDead by VallyCuts In Soviet Hyrule:You scream at ReDead :iconvallycuts:VallyCuts 113 24 Dark Link Sketch by AikaXx Dark Link Sketch :iconaikaxx:AikaXx 607 22 Shadow Link by NekoLoveLetter Shadow Link :iconnekoloveletter:NekoLoveLetter 223 10 Shirtless Link version by sakimichan Shirtless Link version :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 9,410 0 Link resting . NSFW censored . by sakimichan Link resting . NSFW censored . :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 16,054 822 Knight Vaati by NekoLoveLetter Knight Vaati :iconnekoloveletter:NekoLoveLetter 180 15 My Machine And I by Eeveetachi My Machine And I :iconeeveetachi:Eeveetachi 259 49
(Fierce Deity Link x reader) In Love
You sat in the castle, gazing out the window with not much interest. The sparkling water and the beautiful sunlight didn’t faze you, nor did the birds that tweeted happily on the branches. Your eyes skimmed over the grounds of Hyrule, and then you spotted a person you knew so well.
 You saw your sister, Zelda, chatting away with the hero in the garden, smiling happily. You knew her well enough to recognize the sparkling of her eyes. Which meant that…She was in love.
You huffed. Such things happened every day. Zelda was loved. She loved the others. She was beautiful with her perfect hair and posture, her smile and her deep eyes.
You sighed as you drew the curtains to the window, wanting not to see that happen over and over again like a record.
…You, on the other hand, wasn’t loved. You were outshined by your sister’s beautiful face and kind, honeyed words. Everyone seemed to prefer her over you.
You always watched in the bac
:iconfirework615:Firework615 261 80
I missed you by Eeveetachi I missed you :iconeeveetachi:Eeveetachi 522 76 Baby Volvagia by Marezus Baby Volvagia :iconmarezus:Marezus 38 23 Loz2016 -- archer by onisuu Loz2016 -- archer :icononisuu:onisuu 1,245 65

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